Moron Test Ooga School Answers

Moron Test is a game of skill, mental sharpness and persistence. This is one of the best iPhone apps that will test your attentiveness so you need to be shrewd in order to answer each question precisely.

Did you pass Moron Test Old SchoolMoron Test Late RegistrationMoron Test Winter Break and Moron Test Food Fight? Yes? That’s great! Have you done each section without spending so much time and repeating the game several times? Yes again? Well done!

Now, let’s see if you can beat the time of the previous sections you played.

Moron Test Ooga School Answers

  • Poke the red pygmy to continue.

  • Where are you right now? – Touch the earth.

  • Now touch the sun. Don’t worry it’s not hot. – Go ahead and touch it.

  • Touch the meteor.

  • Touch the division sign.

  • Touch the dinosaur’s egg from right to left.

  • Poke the red pygmy, then blue, then green.

  •  Touch the biggest dodo bird.  -the one at the lower left

  • You’ll get this message on the screen if you’re able to answer the questions correctly.

  • Poke the blue pygmy, then red twice, then orange.

  • Poke the smallest pygmy. -Touch the blue one.

  • Touch the dodo bird from largest to smallest. -Touch the lower left, then upper right, rhen the middle, then lower right,  then the remaining one.
  • Pay attention. Touch anywhere to continue.
  • You’ll see numbers 5 3 7 on the screen.
  • Add them together what’s the answer? –Tap 15.

  • You’ll get this message on the screen.

  • Touch the male to continue. -Touch the male pygmy.
  • Poke the green pygmy five times. – Wait for awhile after your 5th poke.
  • Touch the biggest square gem. -Touch the lower left gem.

  • Hatch the dino egg from smallest to largest. -No need to touch the third egg.
  • Touch the dodo birds, biggest to smallest according to eye size. -Touch the upper left, then the middle, then the left dodo bird, then the remaining one.

  • Don’t poke the pygmy. –Do not touch anything.

  • You are now an AVERAGE MAMMAL
  • Touch the pie to continue. -the rightmost one.
  • Tap the dino egg until it hatches. Be careful. -Touch it 10 times then wait for a while and the angry dinosaur will appear.

  • Quick! Touch the angry dinosaur! –Hint: It’s the blue one.
  • Poke the red pygmy seven times. -On your 6th poke, pygmy will change its position.
  • 6 out of 10 Pygmies consider you: Slightly Smart!
  • Which was the most carats? -Touch the right most.
  • From smallest to biggest, press the numbers..based on their size. Touch 4, 23, 15, 14, and 10.
  • You’re doing great so far. -Do not touch anything.
  • Touch North, then South twice. -Remember that Moron Test aims to trick you. Remember that after you touch North, South will change its position.
  • -Get focused and look at the screen carefully.
  • Which shape did the numbers make. -Tap A.
  • Touch the left pygmy’s right hand. -Yellow pygmy is located on the left side. Facing that pygmy, touch the left hand because that is the pygmy’s right hand.

  • -Remember the hint earlier? -Touch the blue pygmy.
  • You are somewhat Intelligent!
  • Don’t touch the dad, touch the sun. -Touch the yellow sun.
  • Poke the orange pygmy 10 times. -Remember on your 3rd poke, pygmy will change his color from orange to green. Wait for a while until it will turn orange again. On your 7th poke, pygmy will change its position. Be shrewd!
  • Touch the biggest hatched dino egg to continue.

  • Quick! Touch the blue pygmy.
  • Pay attention! Another hint,“It’s as easy as ABC.”

  • -Tap angry dinosaur, blue pygmy, carrot, compass, dino egg, dodo bird, earth, envelope, fish, then gem.
  • Touch the upward arrow-Turn your device up side down and tap the arrow pointing up.

Congratulations! You passed Ooga School. Moron test is fun and challenging game! 

Download Moron Test here


Moron Test Winter Break Walkthrough

If you have managed to pass Moron Test Old School and Moron Test Late Registrationsections, then you know that you will begin answering simple questions but as you go along questions are getting trickier.

The Moron Test is one of the best iPhone apps and App Store’s best selling and cool apps of all time. This is a brain-teaser game challenging you to prove to yourself that you are a Genius.

Moron Test Winter Break Tips

Take your time sometimes. There are portion of this game that you have to wait for a few seconds before tapping anything.

When you see the word Quick take note that there is a time limit. Always focus on your screen and wait what comes out. Be vigilant!



Moron Test Winter Break Walkthrough

  • Tap Moron Test Section 3 Winter Break to launch the app

-Tap Start

  • Build a snowman! Touch the snowball from biggest to smallest
  • Build a snowman! Add the mouth, the eyes, then the nose.
  • Build a snowman! Add the hat after you add the arms.
  • Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue

-Take note of the word ICE.

  • Spell the word.

-Tap I-C-E and that spells ICE.

  • Touch any penguin to continue.
  • Press the red button to continue.

-Since the button is frozen, you have to tap it 3 times to break the ice then press again the red button.

  • It seems some of our buttons have frozen over! You have to break the ice before you press them.

-Touch the left button that is frozen to break the ice.

  • Now you completed the first round. You have a pulse!
  • Touch the B to continue.

-Touch letter B not the bee.

  • Touch the penguin from smallest to largest.

-Look at the penguins on the screen and follow the instruction.

  • Press the buttons from left to right.

-Be careful because after pressing the red button, a triangle will be swapped on the button’s position. Tap the green button instead.

  • Save the penguin.

-Penguin is frozen so you have to break the ice by tapping it 5 times then tap the penguin.

  • Which does not belong.
  • Touch the shortest icicle.

-Go the right side of the screen and you’ll see the smallest icicle.

  • Touch the sticks to start a fire, but don’t get burned.

-You must tap the wood 7 times, if you touch the fire once it’ will light up and  you’ll be sent back to the checkpoint!.

  • The majority agrees, you are at least a: BONEHEAD!
  • Touch the win pen to continue.

-Touch the right one.

  • Quick touch the turtle!

-Look at your screen, a turtle will appear after a few seconds. Be quick!

  • Pay attention! Touch anywhere to contine.

-Take  note of the word SNOW. Tap S-N-O-W and that spells SNOW.

  • Touch the snowglobe to continue.
  • Touch the penguin from smallest to largest.

-Look at the screen beside the biggest penguin on the right is the smalles penguin.Touch it as the smallest penguin. Be careful because penguins swap positions.

  • Press the buttons from right to left.

-Tap the frozen buttons twice before tapping the next button

  • Touch the largest square ice block.

-Six ice blocks are rectangle.

  • You are now an AVERAGE MAMMAL after passing the previous questions.
  • Touch the mousse to continue.

-Mouse is different from mousse, right? Tap the right one.

  • Touch the next 6 blue buttons twice.

-Blue button is frozen. Start counting after breaking the the frozen blue button.

  • Quick touch the green button.

-There is a time limit so touch it quickly.

  • Don’t touch the green button.

-Don’t touch anything on the screen just wait for the notecard.

  • Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue.

-Look at the snow flake.

  • Touch the snow flake that matches.

-Tap the top left snow flake.

  • Press the orange button, then blue twice, then green.
  • Quick touch the girrafe!

-Wait for the giraffe to appear on the screen. He is the third animal to appear.

  • Press the red button five times.

-Watch out because the button will change its color and will be frozen. Start counting when the button is not frozen.

  • You are now SLIGHTLY SMART!
  • Which is the most carrots?

-Tap the middle.

  • Press the buttons from left to right.
  • Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue.

-Take note of the word WINTER.

  • Spell the word.

-Tap W-I-N-T-E-R. Take note that after you tap E, the letter will be on the different position.

  • Which does not belong?

-You will apparently see similar pictures of 4 turtles and you have to tap the bottom left  because the top of its shell is somewhat different.

  • Touch a timer.

-The timer is on the bottom left timing you as you go through so you have to tap it.

  • Press the red button, then blue twice, then green, then orange twice.

-Be careful because buttons swap positions.

  • You are now an INTELLI GENT after passing the trickier questions.
  • Don’t touch the Dad, touch the SON.
  • You will be given a hint. A picture of a penguin so keep it in mind.
  • Quick touch the frog!

-Wait for the button on the screen to leave, 3 penguins will appear one by one. The button will again reappear and then you will ll see the frog to the bottom right of the screen – tap it quickly!

  • Press the green button twice, then blue three times, then orange, then red four times.

-Be careful because buttons  swap position. Start counting when the button is not frozen.

-Tap the letter P-E-N-G-U-I-N. This was the hint earlier.

  • Help the turtle to get the Apple.

-Shake your device and the Apple will drop.

  • Touch the turtle to continue.

-All done! You reached the GENUIS level.

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Moron Test Walkthrough: Section 2 Late Registration

Included in the top 25 and one of the best iPhone apps in the App Store is Moron Test. In this game, there are different sections that players need to pass to prove that they are Genius.

Moron Test Section 2 is getting a little bit harder and as we said the game is meant to trick the player. A player needs to focus more to be able to answer every question accurately and speedily to hit the Genius Level.

Moron Test Late Registration Walkthrough

 Tap the Moron Test Late Registration to start the game.

You will be asked to press any blue button. Obviously, you got 3 blue buttons on the screen so you can tap any buttons..

 Now you’ll see four buttons on the screen with two red buttons. Your next instruction is to press any red button. 

 Keep going. You will see four images on the screen. Your question is, Which does not belong?

 Next is, Touch third, second, then first.

You will see this message on the screen:

It means that you will do the opposite of what it says.

Now, you successfully completed the first round. Be ready because the next questions are getting harder!

How many days are there in 72 hours? Answer should be 3 because 1 day has 24 hours.

Press any button except orange.

 Keep going. Your next instruction is to touch the giraffes from tallest to shortest.

Press the button. (Green)

Read carefully. Press the leftmost green button.

If you like puzzle games, I’m sure you can answer this correctly.

Which piece solves the puzzle?

Keep going. Your next instruction is to Dial 555-DUMB.

Pay attention! How many blue buttons were there?

Understand every instruction. Don’t press the green button.

Do it fast! You will see this instruction, Quick! Press the green button.

Touch the biggest frog.

Keep up the good work! This game is a real brain-teaser. Keep going.Touch the mail to continue.

Which does not belong?

Instruction is part of every game. Press the orange button seven times.

Touch the giraffe with the longest neck.

Scare the turtles from smallest to largest.

Touch the gallon that listens to gravity.

Pay attention! Which piece solves the puzzle?

Set the time to 6:15, and then touch the green clock. Obviously, the time was not set right so you need to turn it clockwise until the time is set to 6:15.


Do the counter clockwise back to the original position of your device to read the instruction. So far, you did a great job! You are now an AVERAGE MAMMAL! 

Touch the jeans to continue.

Touch the correct sun.

Quick! Press the next blue buttons.

Touch the frogs from top to bottom.

Pay attention! 

Mulitply the numbers. What’s the answer? 

Press the red buttons five times.

Quick! Touch the notecard.

Don’t press the arrow. Just wait for the next question. You are definitely SLIGHTLY SMART!

Keep goingTouch Pi to continue. Pi is 3.14

Remember that if you get this message it means you will do the opposite.

Wake up the bigger turtle.

Quick! Fix the box, then touch the giraffeDo the counter clockwise to see the giraffe.

Dial the numbers from 1 to 9.

Don’t be confused, it is there in the question. Do you see the  (Triangle)? Press the triangle.

You reach the Intelligent level! Touch the ferry to continue. Take note the difference of ferry and a fairy.

Pay attention! You’ll see buttons on the screen.

How many blue buttons where there? The answer is 5.

Back to puzzle. Find out what’s the missing piece to complete the puzzle.

Tap the box until it opens.

Now you see a giraffe. Quick! Close the box.

Touch the empty glass. Before you do that, turn your device clockwise.

Back to puzzle. I hope you already knew what the missing piece to complete the puzzle is.

If you did it right, then you passed Section 2 of the Moron Test.

You reached the Genius Level! 

The Moron Test Food Fight Answers

Moron Test is a brain-teaser game and one of the best iPhone apps that allows you to prove yourself that you are not a Moron and you are able to pass all the tests from Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and the themed section.

Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap, twist, and shake your way through these fun and tricky challenges! Pass the tests and share it with your family and friends.

Did you pass the Moron Test Section 1 Old SchoolMoron Test Section 2 Late Registration and Moron Test Section 3 Winter Break? That’s great! To help you pass the Moron Test Food Fight, follow the walkthrough below:

The Moron Test Food Fight Walkthrough

  • Tap Moron Test Section 4.
  • Tap start to begin.
  • Touch the circle, then the octagon, then the square 
  • Just follow the instructions, you will be guided by the arrow pointing to it.

Today we’re serving a pizza! Light it up on the menu.

-Touch the blue button.

How many slices are pepperoni?

-Touch 5

How many slices have cheese?

-Touch 8.

Touch the smallest square, after you touch the bigger one.

-Touch the green square twice.

Turn on the black light.

-Slide your finger up to flip the switch up.

Touch anywhere to continue.

Touch the backmost bird.

-Touch the lower right bird.

You completed the first round. Now we can confidently say, You have a pulse!

Touch the night to continue.

-Touch the picture with the moon and stars.

Press the orange button from right to left.

-Touch the big orange button on the right, the small orange button on the right, the big orange button on the left, and the small orange button of the left, then wait.

Knock on the wooden door until it opens.

-Knock on the door 12 times until a snake opens it.

Touch the monkey’s left hand.

-Touch the hand that holds banana.

Touch the lady bugs from smallest to largest, according to spot count.

-Go to the left ladybug, first touch the one on the back, then second from the right, then second from the left, then the right ladybug and the remaining one.

Touch the red circle, then the green square, then the orange triangle twice.

-Touch the red circle, the green square, the orange triangle, then wait for a moment and you will see another orange triangle.

The majority agrees, you are at least a Bonehead!

Touch the hare to continue.

-Touch the bunny.

Enter 0.7734 into the calculater .

-Enter the numbers and turnthe phone upside down and press the equals sign.

You’ll get a hint saying, “It’s the third one”.

-Take note what it says.

Don’t press the blue button, then press the red one.

-Press the red button.

Touch the monkeys from smallest to largest, according to ear size.

-Touch the second monkey from the right, tehn the first monkey, then the last monkey and touch the remaining one.

Touch the biggest triangle.

-Flip the switch up in the lower left hand corner and press the triangle in the lower right hand corner that’s the biggest.

How many slices have pepperoni and mushrooms?

-Touch 2.

Touch the third door and you will see a giraffe inside.

Quick close the door.

-Be quick! Close it!

Quick! Touch the smalles number.

-Touch 9.0000.

Touch the frontmost bird.

-Touch the lower left bird.

Put out the bigger candle.

-Touch the flame of the blue candle (the one on the right).

How many slices have pepperoni?

-Touch 8.

Quick! Turn off the light.

-Touch the blue button quickly!

Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue.

Take note of the fruits on the screen.

How many strawberries were there?

-Touch 2.

How many apples were there?

-Touch 5.

You are now slightly smart! Touch the bass to continue.

-The guitar thing.

Touch the biggest red apple.

-Touch the second apple from the left.

Spray the soda.

-Shake your device until it bubbles then touch the cap.

Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue.

Look at the pictures on the screen and if possible memorize their location.

Touch the card that matches.

-It’s a matching game so; touch middle left, bottom middle, top middle, middle. Take note that there is no pair for the giraffe.

Crack to open the egg.

-Touch the egg to open.

Now, add salt until the monkey is happy.

-Shake your device to add salt until you will see a monkey smiling.

Touch the cow from largest to smallest.

-Touch the touch the top right cow, bottom left cow, bottom right cow, top left cow.

Impressive! You are now somewhat Intelligent!

Touch the orange apple to continue.

-Touch the one beside the word Intelligent!

-It’s too fast..anyway the next thing you have to do is to touch the red button that lights up ice cream.

Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue.

Take note of the picture on the screen especially the icecream that the monkey is holding.

Make the monkey ice cream! Touch the ingredients to add them to the cone.

-Touch the chocolate ice cream, then the blue ice cream, then the blue and yellow sprinkles, then the vanilla ice cream.

Touch the monkey to continue.

Touch the smallest green square, then the biggest orange circle, then the smallest red triangle.

-Touch the smallest green square (bottom left), the biggest orange circle (wait a second and it will be in the bottom right), then touch the smallest red triangle (middle left).

Touch the blue button.

-Flip the switch in the lower left hand corner up, flip the switch in the lower right hand corner down, then touch the blue button.

Touch the red button from left to right, then  the remaining buttons from left to right.

-Touch the red buttons from left to right and then touch the other buttons from left to right (blue, green, then orange).

Pay attention! It’s music to your ears. Touch anywhere to continue.

Take note the hint, it’s the music to your ears.

-Remember the colors? Touch the glasses in this order: green, blue, blue, green, blue, green, red, green, green

What is the first word of this sentence.

-Touch the word true  because the sentence above is a statement not a question.

You successfully passed Section 4! You are definitely a Genius!